Winter Games Bingo

Winter Games Bingo


Use this Winter Games Bible Bingo Game!

Use this Sunday School game in your Children's Ministry. Play a fun game with kids using this fun printable BINGO game! 

When to use it.

When you need a moment to breathe, when students are bouncing off

the walls, on weeks that are between series. For ministry times when

students stay multiple hours. Basically when you need to have some fun, break out this bingo kit.

What you need. Included in this kit:

  • Leader drawing cards
  • 10 different bingo sheets

What you’ll need:

  • A hat or container to draw cards out
  • Prizes for bingo winners
  • Pieces of colored paper that are used as bingo markers

How to use it.

  • Print off bingo cards for students on white cardstock
  • Cut out leader sheet and draw cards out of a hat
  • Play some bingo!