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The Engagement Central Hub helps pastors and leaders boost engagement beyond Sundays with tools, resources, and insights.

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Engage with Excellence

Implement these proven strategies to increase your church engagement. These are a few of our recommendations from leading voices in the faith ecosystem.

Engage with 98% of Your Church Through Personalized Texting

Discover practical tips for using Gloo Messaging to keep your congregation engaged and connected.

Get Your Church Engaged In Prayer

Discover Learn practical tips to inspire and engage your church in meaningful prayer. Engage for life-changing results.


3 Relationships That Boost First Time Guest Engagement

Discover key factors for connecting first-time guests. Download and share with your leaders and volunteers.

Unlocking Church Engagement: The Power of Prioritizing Relationships

Brad Hill and Francis Chan discuss how putting relationships first boosts engagement in your ministry.

Solutions for Success

Premium Recommended Tool

The Art of Engagement

Explore why focusing on engagement rather than attendance can grow your church. Learn about culture shifts and the importance of adopting a customer journey mindset.

Engagement Playbook

“We want to equip people who are engaged, to reach people who are not” -Creative Pastor

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Gloo Exclusive Insights

Access featured content with your Gloo account to elevate your church's engagement.


Engage More Volunteers, Faster: 15 Proven Tips

Discover 15 proven tips to recruit and engage more volunteers quickly. Boost your volunteer program with effective strategies.


Why Stronger Community Unlocks Engagement: 6 Key Ways

Learn six key strategies to build a stronger community among your leaders and unlock greater engagement.


Maximize Team Engagement Without High Costs: 10 Ways

Learn 10 strategies to maximize team engagement without high costs. Boost productivity and morale on a budget.


The Most Important Strategy Putting Relationships First

Unlock this Guide and follow the conversation with Francis Chan and Brad Hill. Tap into the power of your relationships!