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The AI & the Church Hub, powered by Gloo, is your one-stop resource for staying current on the latest news, discovering curated articles that church leaders should read, exploring new tools specifically designed to help you utilize AI effectively, and finding upcoming events and communities to be a part of. This hub is designed to help you cultivate a responsible approach to AI in ministry.

Navigate the AI landscape confidently, harness its potential, and enrich your ministry with resources from experts on the topic.

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Refreshed throughout the week, the top clips, stories, and articles from partners, churches, and champions making an impact with AI.

AI & the
Church Survey

The AI & the Church survey is designed to gauge church leaders’ understanding, current usage, receptivity, moral belief, ethical use, and other sentiments on artificial intelligence.

*survey responses are from current church leaders

Welcome to the AI & the Church Hub
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Carey Neiuwhof's AI Podcast

Videos, Podcasts, and Events
Resources and events from ministry leaders, topical experts, and networks who are leading the way in equipping the Church around responsible AI.
"AI is a powerful technology that should better enable, not replace, relationships"
Scott Beck, CEO at Gloo
Explore AI Technologies
Technologies and guides to help your ministry begin to explore how AI-enhanced tools can be used responsibly
Welcome to the AI & the Church Hub